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How to choose a child mask


The mask you choose for your baby must be soft and not too thick. Because the baby is young, too thick masks can not only ensure that the baby has a good breathing environment, but may affect the baby's breathing status. It is usually made of soft and comfortable cotton material.

Don't choose masks that are too beautiful and brightly colored. We often see that there are very beautiful cartoon masks on the market, this kind of mask baby also likes it. However, these dyes are all chemical products. Intimate contact with the baby's skin and respiratory tract may affect the baby's health.

Masks of the right size, some parents always like to choose larger clothes and pants for their children, so that as the baby grows, these things can continue to be used. But the mask can't be like this. If the mask is too big, not only can't achieve the effect, but also the edge of the mask can contact the eyes around for a long time, which may cause diseases such as keratitis.

The masks used by babies need to be cleaned frequently and dried in the sun. This can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mask and ensure that the baby has a good hygienic condition.

The baby's mask can be used both positively and negatively, because the baby is much more delicate than adults. If the mask worn on the outside touches the baby's skin, the bacteria and viruses remaining on it will directly invade the baby's body, but instead make the baby's physique. decline.

Babies should not wear masks for a long time, and children do not like to wear masks. If you let them wear masks for a long time, they may cry and stop crying, which will not achieve the effect of prevention.

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