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Suzhou ruihan automation technology co., ltd. is located in the beautiful paradise -- suzhou, is a comprehensive modern industrial company, the enterprise is now mainly for the global clothing, home textile, furniture, shoes, luggage, umbrella, daily necessities and other industries to provide a complete set of automation equipment services and support. We provide consultation, design, training implementation, service and upgrade for the establishment of digitalization, intelligent automation and humanization of the production system of the customer enterprise. Provide the backstage technology research and development for the enterprise personalized customization scheme For the textile and garment manufacturing industry "efficiency", "cost reduction" and "improve quality" to make contributions Even though the environment and social requirements of The Times have changed But raehan's pursuit remains the same Always put yourself in the customer's shoes Let customers have a better experience, more than expected to give customers good products and services. We promise that when customers buy and use our products, they will be able to save costs, improve efficiency and keep using them in a more comfortable and assured way. With the concept of "honesty", "challenge" and "creation", ruihan technology can satisfy customers' needs and gain their trust to a large extent. We will live up to everyone's expectations and build a more dynamic and attractive company to create more social value.

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  • Types of masks

    July 17, 2020

    1. N95 type mask. N95 type mask is one of 9 kinds of anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH. It can effectively filter out most harmful substances. 2. Medical surgical masks. It is generally used in high-demand environments such as medical clinics, laboratories, and operating rooms, and is a common type of medical personnel. 3. PM2.5 mask. It is mainly used as a mask to filter pm2.5 particles, especially for smog. 4. Activated carbon mask. Mainly used in industry, such as newly renovated office buildings, where there are a lot of toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. 5. Gauze mask. This is also a more professional mask, mainly used in the working environment with low concentration of harmful gases and some harmful steam. 6. Anti-virus mask. It may also be used in situations where it is exposed to toxic gases and toxic dust, and in some emergency situations. 7. Dust mask. For the working environment with heavy dust, it also has different filter materials and performances to target different working environments.

  • kn95 mask function

    July 13, 2020

    The biggest feature of the KN95 mask is that it can prevent the spread of droplets caused by patients' body fluids or blood splashes. The size of the droplets is 1 to 5 microns in diameter. 3M medical protective masks are divided into domestic and imported. They have the protective performance of medical surgical masks and particulate protective masks. They are special for hospitals. They can filter particulates in the air and block droplets, blood, body fluids and secretions. .

  • How to choose a child mask

    July 08, 2020

    The mask you choose for your baby must be soft and not too thick. Because the baby is young, too thick masks can not only ensure that the baby has a good breathing environment, but may affect the baby's breathing status. It is usually made of soft and comfortable cotton material. Don't choose masks that are too beautiful and brightly colored. We often see that there are very beautiful cartoon masks on the market, this kind of mask baby also likes it. However, these dyes are all chemical products. Intimate contact with the baby's skin and respiratory tract may affect the baby's health. Masks of the right size, some parents always like to choose larger clothes and pants for their children, so that as the baby grows, these things can continue to be used. But the mask can't be like this. If the mask is too big, not only can't achieve the effect, but also the edge of the mask can contact the eyes around for a long time, which may cause diseases such as keratitis. The masks used by babies need to be cleaned frequently and dried in the sun. This can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mask and ensure that the baby has a good hygienic condition. The baby's mask can be used both positively and negatively, because the baby is much more delicate than adults. If the mask worn on the outside touches the baby's skin, the bacteria and viruses remaining on it will directly invade the baby's body, but instead make the baby's physique. decline. Babies should not wear masks for a long time, and children do not like to wear masks. If you let them wear masks for a long time, they may cry and stop crying, which will not achieve the effect of prevention.

  • Is the cloth mask antivirus

    July 02, 2020

    Cloth masks cannot protect against viruses, especially new coronaviruses. Generally, cloth masks have good breathability, warmth, and elasticity. Their textures are light and soft, so they are comfortable to wear, and the surface patterns are rich in color. Most of them are used for wind and heat preservation. Whether the mask can be anti-virus is mainly due to its filter material. The cloth mask is mainly made of cotton or chemical fiber fabric. It has a certain function of warmth and windproof, basically does not have the function of adsorbing bacteria and preventing dust. Its structure has a poor adhesion to the human face. Many fine particles that are extremely harmful to the human body will enter the respiratory tract to the lungs through the gap between the mask and the face. Its filter material is usually some mechanical fabric. This filter material The only way to achieve high dust suppression efficiency is to increase the thickness, and the negative effect of increasing the thickness is to make the user feel that the breathing resistance is very large, making people feel uncomfortable. It can be seen that cloth masks cannot isolate coronavirus. Therefore, during the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, you should choose your mask carefully. In addition to the type, the size of the mask must also be appropriate, and the wearing method should also be correct, so that the role of the mask is effective. At present, it is clinically recommended that you choose a mask of N95 or similar protection level or above for the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia. During the use, you must pay attention to the replacement of the mask. If you encounter contamination and the user feels that the respiratory resistance has become larger, or the mask In case of damage, etc., they should be replaced in time.

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